Data that drives action!

Hospitals need clear visibility of operations, to take the right action, at the right time, for the right reason

Data Capture

A Mobile App To Capture Data From Hospital Operations

Data Analysis

A Pulse Engine To Aggregate And Analyse Your Data

Visualize Performance

Converts Data Into Knowledge To Drive Decision Making

Key Performance Metrics, digitally transformed!

Monitor, Measure and Analyse your hospital’s Key Performance Metrics to design and successfully execute Quality Improvement Programmes.

Improves Clinical Processes for better operational efficiencies!

Post-C19 pandemic, operational efficiencies of clinical departments separate the good from the poor, the winners from the rest.

Secure Internal Communications, 24/7!

Still using SMS? Email overload? Whatsapp overload? Pulse provides your Doctors, Nurses and Employees with a secure internal communications platform.

Promotes on-the-job learning through data driven decision making!

Pulse supports your Digital Transformation strategies to include “learning health systems” for clinical best practices through data-driven decision making (D3M).

A Better Understanding of operations!

When your doctors, Nurses and Employees have access to key operational data, they feel empowered to deliver superior standards of care and patient safety.

Supports and sustains your Digital Culture!

Developing a Digital Culture in your Hospital requires a “knowledge ecosystem”, a system that enables visibility of operations, continuous feedback, learning and improvement.

When your Doctors and Nurses are driven by data, you develop Certainty, Consistency and Confidence!

The Pulse System aims to help you:

  • improve your standards of patient safety and quality of care,

  • direct you actions towards greater efficiency,

  • deliver a better patient experience and

  • create a better environment for doctors, nurses and employees.

The Pulse Analytics and Productivity Suite

  • Monitor key performance metrics like Patient Falls, HAI’s and Medication Errors

  • Analyze your operational data with Automated Algorithms

  • Discover gaps in your service delivery and clinical processes

  • Improve your standards with effective Quality Improvement Programs

Our Pulse System prompts you into action through alerts, notifications and analytics based on international accreditation standards.